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     Marx Communnale, a combination of the words “Marx”,
“communism” and "biennale”, is a hub of the Korean left for organizing a
nation-wide theoretical and cultural festival every two year in order to
 facilitate the communication and co-development of the anti-capitalist left in Korea. After the launching the first festival under the theme of ‘Actuality of
Marx in the Era of Globalization’ in 2003, Marx Communnale has held the
largest left festival in Korea every two year, ‘Why Marx is the Hope?’ in
2005, ‘The 21st Century Capitalism and Alter-globalization’ in 2007, ‘Marxism and Politics’ in 2009, ‘The Modern Capitalism and Life’ in 2009, and
currently marches to ‘The Crisis of World Capitalism and Left Alternative’ in
2013. Besides the festival, Marx Communnale has also published the
proceedings of the festivals in books, held quarterly ‘Marx Communnale
Forum’ for discussion of hot issues of the left, and administrated the ‘Yoo In-Ho Academic Award’ for the development of left academics in Korea. Marx
Communale is a united front of the Korean left for anti-neoliberalism, anti-
capitalism and Marxism in the theoretical and cultural areas, currently covers
about 30 groups, including major progressive NGOs, left academic
associations and radical left political organizations as well as about 250
independent scholars and activists.

e-mail: marxcommunnale@gmail.com
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